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One Link In Bio Tool

Created on 29 September, 2022 • 363 views

Add multiple links for your Instagram or Tiktok Bio and optimising your traffic.

One Bio Link & Multiple Links

1. Create a link with the Instabio App that is cool and brandable.

2. Help your followers discover all of your recent content.

3. Share all your social media profiles and important links with just one url.

Quick & Easy to Use

1. Add your links and retrieve your unique URL. It literally takes 1 minute to get started.

2. Open Instagram or Tiktok, go to "Edit your profile", paste your new URL and you're done.

3. Use it on Instagram or Tiktok and no need to change the link again.

4. All of our links are shortened and friendly.

Customise Landing Page

1. Professionally designed landing page templates.

2. Customise your artwork, titles, descriptions, social and link domain.

3. Complete control over which services to link to, and in what order they are displayed.

Valuable Insights

1. Track your analytics to discover your top referrers and fans' preferences to optimized your landing page.

2. Gain valuable insights into your traffic including clicks, pageviews, and sales.

3. Explore where your traffic is coming from and know exactly how much traffic from social media.